Hello, Charles !

Dear Charlie,

I think I’m finally a grownup. I like Turkey’s cocky attitude towards Al-Asad. That being said, let’s come back to the saucisson saga.

I know you hate meat, but just bear with me. I live in France, after all. I’ll tell you lots about living in France, and there’s going to be a fair amount of phrases about the saucisson.

I went to Carrefour today and felt like a chef on a spending spree. Everything I bought is top quality, although it’s supermarket stuff. To me, they’re all delicacies. I can’t imagine how a real French delicacy shop really looks like.

5 days in France and I’ve discovered I’m an Agnostic. That means I have no idea if there is a God or not, if Jesus is God, or Muhhamad is his something and also I don’t really care.

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