Madness in the Vineyard

Dear Charlie,

This is the market in St. Chinian. It’s a big public space, with plane trees, where vendors come with their cars, set up their stalls very early in the morning  and start selling. They come so early, nobody actually sees them. They simply are there, over night, every Thursday and Sunday. It’s a great place to meet your neighbours and chat about food and the fabulous weather we’re having. 14 degrees today. On the right you can see my favourite bread vendors. I particularly like the Petrisanne cereales.

















After market, I decided to start my new diet, this time with some actual exercise, so I took a 2,8 km walk, on Chemin 4 Sous and then back to Assignan on the main road. This is what the vines on Domain Grange 4 Sous look like.

As I passed the house in the background, probably the Grange itself, I was spotted by a dog and got barked at. I had my trusty walking stick with me and plenty of stone missiles (for defence only, I swear), but I was still haunted by the image of that dog attacking, ripping my pants, biting and chasing me, while I run like a demented patient, an insane asylum escapee, through the French countryside. The thought made me laugh out loud, just as a biker passed by. I was alone in a field, laughing. I must have looked insane to that biker.

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